Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swinging - Why is it different from infidelity

Marriage as an institution is built on both love and trust for the other partner, not to mention respect. However, there are certain times in one's life when, although the love, trust and respect are there, one feels slightly dissatisfied with the sexual life. This may be because of the fact that indulging in such acts with one partner over a long period of time could have caused a feeling of monotony, and hence, could lead to frustration. There are many people who get too overwhelmed with this feeling and begin cheating on their partners, and yet others who curb this feeling inside them. While both the cases are destructive, the second one is usually the more dangerous one, since when one is having negative feelings inside and not expressing them, it may lead to a slow and painful end to the relationship. However, there is a third category of people who choose to talk about this in the open and hence, work out options with their partners on how to solve the problem in the best manner. One of the possible alternatives is to indulge in a little bit of swinging.

Although this might sound extremely offensive to many people, swinging as an activity is not unethical at all if it is done with the partner's consent. Further, it is any day better than a person hiding his frustration from the partner, or worse, indulging in casual sex with somebody. Often, it is also seen that both the partners indulge in swinging activities and this actually results in the betterment of lifestyle and improvement of terms between the couple, which is often the ultimate objective of swinging. However, this can also lead to a disaster if one has not properly discussed all the matters with his/her partner, since swinging might not always be acceptable by everybody, and might be misconstrued as as excuse to commit infidelity. Hence, it is extremely important that both the partners should agree to the face that this is only a short term activity, and that the emotions for the other are always intact during the entire period.

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