Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swingers - Learn to accept rejection with politeness

If you have faced rejection during a sexual activity, then learn to cope with the feeling because all swingers have the right to pursue their swinger interests as per their preferences.

Swingers are people who are open to sexual relations with multiple partners. However, you can't swing with anyone or everyone. You can also face rejection or show rejection at some point during the swinger interaction. Therefore, you should understand the feeling of other individuals with due respect.

Every swinger has his/her sexual preferences as far as the lifestyle is concerned. Some couples are comfortable with open swapping while some indulge in closed swapping. You can also find men and women who are attracted to similar sex. Each swinger has the right to pursue his interests. Hence, you shouldn't compel them to indulge into sexual activity for personal pleasures.

However, you should answer politely while rejecting a swinger offer. A simple 'NO', 'NO THANKS', 'SORRY' will serve as a polite answer. Never elaborate on your reasons to reject the swinging offer. Moreover, don't say 'YES' with mercy because it won't provide pleasure to you and your swinging partner.

Hence, you should learn to say 'NO' or accept 'NO'. You should learn to respect the feelings of your fellow swingers. Remember that swinging is a mutual consent practice; hence you should respect feeling of other swingers and learn to accept rejection in a dignified manner.

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