Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swinging - Let's Swing Baby!

This blog is all about swinging. Before moving forward, firstly we should know the meaning of swinging. Swinging is also called as swinging lifestyle, and is a non-monogamous sexual activity, treated much like any other social activity, that can be experienced as a couple.

In the western world, the popularity of swinging has grown enormously in recent years. Cities in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe have at least one popular swingers' club. Swingers' clubs generally tend to keep a low profile. There are more than 3,000 presently in existence across the globe.

It has been found out that usually people tend to swing when they are not sexually satisfied with their wives. Nowadays, there are many couples who have found a way to meet their sexual desires without cheating on their partners. This lifestyle is known a swinging. Basically, swinging involves sexual interaction with multiple partners or couples, but there is no emotional attachment. Moreover, it is a mutual understanding between the partners..

This has created opportunities for swingers who are interested in traveling to meet like-minded people from different countries. Traveling to foreign lands creates a lot of excitement for couples who wish to experience swinging internationally. The activity of swinging has grown so much that now the numbers of swingers wishing to mix their sexually liberated preferences with travel has grown enough in recent times for travel companies to dedicate parts of their business to catering the needs of swingers who wish to travel internationally.

Recently, a new concept of swinging on a cruise has been started, Swinging on a cruise is one of the most fun ways to meet other swingers while on vacation. There are many destinations to choose from, with the most popular ones being the Caribbean islands due to the consistently good weather, and other popular locations include the coast of Florida and the Greek Islands.

For travelling swingers, there is another option that is SwingFest. It is the largest swinger lifestyle convention in the world. In SwingFest, all the swingers around the world get together. There are many options for the travelling swinger to consider. Bringing your love of swinging and travelling together can create a vacation that will both relax your mind and stimulate your senses.

I would like to give few suggestions for the swinging couples and individuals. They should always stay together so that other couples take you as a swinging couple and not singles. And if you are a new swinger, then you should speak to the host and guests to know their lifestyle. Whenever you are swinging and you feel apprehensive about viewing your partner with other individuals, you should express your feelings. You should never show your attitude, just be the way you are and speak to every body in a friendly manner. Meet swingers with a warm smile and heart warming gestures, and you are sure to have fun.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Obey Swingers rule - Don't practice unsafe sex

Are you a swinger? Do you use protection? If you don't, then cultivate this habit else you'll end up inflicting yourself with sexually transmittable diseases.

Every time I read swinger blogs or articles, I come across content that talks about swinging etiquettes, lifestyle activities and swinger problems. No one throws light on STDs. It is a trivial issue but swingers tend to ignore it. People discuss on swinger pleasures but fail to address issues that can turn life-threatening.

I have been a swinger since two years and I have met people who disobey an important swinger rule to carryout safe sex. Some people think they are quite good with the sexual acts and perform unsafe sex. If you ask them to use protection, then they feel offended and refrain from swinging behavior. This ignorant behavior has led to increase in the cases of STD among the swingers.

Somewhat, I don't agree with this swinging behavior. You can't practice unsafe sex only because the other person is not your real partner. You should understand your responsibility. Swingers indulge in sexual activities for pleasure and not to acquire sexually transmittable diseases. So, respect their choices. You can't play with their emotions in the name of fun and adventure.

So, don't neglect the use of protection and keep yourself and your swinging partner away from sexually transmittable diseases.

Dos and Don’ts at the swinger travel

A swinger travel would be a fun experience, if you follow certain etiquettes during your vacation at the swinger resort or cruise.

It is believed that communication with multiple swingers enhance the experience. Hence, people plan swinger travel to popular resorts and cruises. It is an opportunity to generate confidence in the lifestyle as well as learn new modes and means to upscale the swinger experience.

However, a swinger is expected to follow certain etiquettes during the swinger travel. You should build honest relations with fellow travelers. Never fake a personally, speak truth and I am sure you'll be welcomed by the travelers. A swinger shouldn't fake his/her personality. Sometimes, we get fascinated by someone and try to pretend or imitate him/her. Don't do this.

Every swinger should have a clear perspective regarding the swinger pleasures. Speak to your spouse and zero-in the activities that you wish to perform. Stick to your choices and avoid any arguments. You should have clear view regarding your desires, so that you can approach travelers with similar interests.

Never force a swinger during the swinger travel. You should remember that every swinger has the right to pursue his/her desires. Accept their rejections politely and move on. If a swinger agrees for the swinger activity, then don't swing without protection. The travel should be an enthralling experience and not a means to acquire sexually transmittable diseases.

So, extract maximum pleasure from your swinger travel by following the stated swinger etiquettes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lifestyle issues faced by the newbie swingers

A newbie swinger faces several problems in the lifestyle; hence he/she should solve them amicably so that they can enjoy their swinger experience.

Everyday several swingers take the decision to join the lifestyle. They collect information about swinger practices and dream about their swinger experience. However, swinging is not a piece of cake. A swinger faces several hardships on emotional, physical and sexual front.

Hence, you need to overcome several emotions and actions before the actual play. Firstly, don't think that swinging would mend your relations. The lifestyle enhances a strong relation. A couple with sour relation grows seed for a divorce or break up by swinging into the lifestyle.

A common mistake that man make is, forcing their partner to swing. A deliberate involvement would bring disappointment for you as a couple. Remember, swinging is a pleasure practice, so enjoy it. Don't force it on your partner, else you'll affect your marital relations.

If your spouse gets ready to swing, then you can also face rejection from the swingers at some point of time. Don't take it personally, tackle it graciously and move to other swingers. Your experience in the swinger lifestyle can become memorable, if you manage your personal and swinger relations in a loyal and dedicated manner.

So, grab maximum pleasure out of the lifestyle without affecting your marital and everyday life.

Swinging - Why is it different from infidelity

Marriage as an institution is built on both love and trust for the other partner, not to mention respect. However, there are certain times in one's life when, although the love, trust and respect are there, one feels slightly dissatisfied with the sexual life. This may be because of the fact that indulging in such acts with one partner over a long period of time could have caused a feeling of monotony, and hence, could lead to frustration. There are many people who get too overwhelmed with this feeling and begin cheating on their partners, and yet others who curb this feeling inside them. While both the cases are destructive, the second one is usually the more dangerous one, since when one is having negative feelings inside and not expressing them, it may lead to a slow and painful end to the relationship. However, there is a third category of people who choose to talk about this in the open and hence, work out options with their partners on how to solve the problem in the best manner. One of the possible alternatives is to indulge in a little bit of swinging.

Although this might sound extremely offensive to many people, swinging as an activity is not unethical at all if it is done with the partner's consent. Further, it is any day better than a person hiding his frustration from the partner, or worse, indulging in casual sex with somebody. Often, it is also seen that both the partners indulge in swinging activities and this actually results in the betterment of lifestyle and improvement of terms between the couple, which is often the ultimate objective of swinging. However, this can also lead to a disaster if one has not properly discussed all the matters with his/her partner, since swinging might not always be acceptable by everybody, and might be misconstrued as as excuse to commit infidelity. Hence, it is extremely important that both the partners should agree to the face that this is only a short term activity, and that the emotions for the other are always intact during the entire period.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Growth cycle of the Swinging Lifestyle

“Swinging” is a word that has different meaning for different people. A small child would denote it as a ride on the swing, while an adolescent would take it as swinging with the music. Only few people know that “swinging” is the sophisticated term for “Couple Swapping”. Few people also denote it as “The lifestyle”.

During early seventies, swinging was a rampant practice. Couples met through swinger ads and enjoyed sexual pleasures. This lifestyle was limited to upper class people. Couples found extreme pleasure in breaking their boundaries and fulfilling their heartfelt desires. However, the practice was kept in wraps to avoid ill feelings from the society.

Slowly and steadily, swinging became a mass phenomenon. People became vocal about their lifestyle choices. They didn't fear from the society or media. After all, it's their private life and everyone has the right to enjoy their life according to their terms and conditions. If a couple doesn't have issues with swinging, the no one has the right to intrude in their privacy.

Time and again, society has put blames on the lifestyle. They believe that swinging is against social norms. People have commented that swinger clubs and communities should be banned. However, these negativities doesn't dither them from their path. These people join swinger clubs and socialize to fulfill their sexual desires. These meeting joints welcome people with like-mindedness.

People who believe in these sexual practices know that swinging isn't unethical. It is an individual's perspective to live his/her life. Meeting your sexual demands doesn't make you an irresponsible person. These people swing as per their willingness and don't force anyone to adopt the lifestyle. Individuals who understand their feelings know that swinging isn't a crime.

So, stop harassing these innocent beings and let them enjoy swinging according to their preferences.

Swingers dress code for lifestyle parties

Your dressing sense plays a crucial role in the approaching swingers for a sexual activity. Hence, plan your dress according to the environment at the swingers club or party.

Swingers can be find anywhere and everywhere. The lifestyle has caught huge popularity among modern couples. They plan swinger parties and join swinger clubs to add life to their sexual relations. They start dreaming about other men and women at least a week before the swingers’ party.

So, select your dresses a day before the swinger party so that you don't end up spoiling your mood due to inappropriate dressing sense.

However, your dressing sense can determine the type of people that approach you for an activity. You should aim at wearing something that is hot and attractive so that you can catch attention of other swingers. The swinging couples approach each other on the basis of their physical appearance; hence it is necessary to create a 'WOW' factor with your dressing style.

Women can wear high heels or leather accessories to raise the pulse of men swingers. They should make sure that the dress should gel with the adult environment at the swinger club. You can also wear attractive bikini or thongs to seduce your men. However, men can wear a good quality shirt with jeans and leather boots. And most importantly, don't forget to smell good, else no one will dare to come near you.
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