Thursday, August 13, 2009

Growth cycle of the Swinging Lifestyle

“Swinging” is a word that has different meaning for different people. A small child would denote it as a ride on the swing, while an adolescent would take it as swinging with the music. Only few people know that “swinging” is the sophisticated term for “Couple Swapping”. Few people also denote it as “The lifestyle”.

During early seventies, swinging was a rampant practice. Couples met through swinger ads and enjoyed sexual pleasures. This lifestyle was limited to upper class people. Couples found extreme pleasure in breaking their boundaries and fulfilling their heartfelt desires. However, the practice was kept in wraps to avoid ill feelings from the society.

Slowly and steadily, swinging became a mass phenomenon. People became vocal about their lifestyle choices. They didn't fear from the society or media. After all, it's their private life and everyone has the right to enjoy their life according to their terms and conditions. If a couple doesn't have issues with swinging, the no one has the right to intrude in their privacy.

Time and again, society has put blames on the lifestyle. They believe that swinging is against social norms. People have commented that swinger clubs and communities should be banned. However, these negativities doesn't dither them from their path. These people join swinger clubs and socialize to fulfill their sexual desires. These meeting joints welcome people with like-mindedness.

People who believe in these sexual practices know that swinging isn't unethical. It is an individual's perspective to live his/her life. Meeting your sexual demands doesn't make you an irresponsible person. These people swing as per their willingness and don't force anyone to adopt the lifestyle. Individuals who understand their feelings know that swinging isn't a crime.

So, stop harassing these innocent beings and let them enjoy swinging according to their preferences.

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