Monday, August 24, 2009

Obey Swingers rule - Don't practice unsafe sex

Are you a swinger? Do you use protection? If you don't, then cultivate this habit else you'll end up inflicting yourself with sexually transmittable diseases.

Every time I read swinger blogs or articles, I come across content that talks about swinging etiquettes, lifestyle activities and swinger problems. No one throws light on STDs. It is a trivial issue but swingers tend to ignore it. People discuss on swinger pleasures but fail to address issues that can turn life-threatening.

I have been a swinger since two years and I have met people who disobey an important swinger rule to carryout safe sex. Some people think they are quite good with the sexual acts and perform unsafe sex. If you ask them to use protection, then they feel offended and refrain from swinging behavior. This ignorant behavior has led to increase in the cases of STD among the swingers.

Somewhat, I don't agree with this swinging behavior. You can't practice unsafe sex only because the other person is not your real partner. You should understand your responsibility. Swingers indulge in sexual activities for pleasure and not to acquire sexually transmittable diseases. So, respect their choices. You can't play with their emotions in the name of fun and adventure.

So, don't neglect the use of protection and keep yourself and your swinging partner away from sexually transmittable diseases.


  1. I agree completely why put yourself or main partner/s at risk for something as dumb as better sensations. I'll leave dumb sex mistakes to people that have iq deficiencies.

  2. I am planning to be a swinger and I am looking for these kinds of blogs were I can get information about the rules that I should obey.

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